About Us

We would like to present our
Janusz Korczak primary school,
which is situated at 36 Chrobrego Street in Zdzieszowice.

The school consist of beautifully renovated building where we can find: classrooms, library and the day room. We are especially are proud of our newly built gymnasium with a modern background.
Nowadays there are 250 students at our school, they are taught by 26 teachers.

The most important aspects connected with education at our school are: regional education, European education, health education and sport.
We are taught two languages: German and English.
We want to be very well prepared for thefurther education and what is more we want to be opened to the world, fit and healthy, free from addictions.

We have gained the “Szkoła z klasą”and “Szkoła bez przemocy”.

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